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Talking Trendspotter: Readers Say Remote Work Flexibility Is a DEI Issue—and There Can Be No Going Back Now

In a recent message to the company’s outside counsel, BASF General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Matt Lepore said remote work flexibility “has become an important D&I topic,” adding that the pandemic created “an inflection point for us to embrace a new way of working that fosters, not hinders, diversity and inclusion.”         Click Here […]

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Biden Nominee and Appellate Veteran Toby Heytens Sees Clear Path to Fourth Circuit Confirmation

“With a Democrat president, in a state with two Democratic colleagues who are here, I’m not sure that we could hope for anything better than a smart, experienced liberal with the misfortune of extensive experience before the increasingly erratic Fourth Circuit,” top Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley said of Heytens.         Click Here To Read The […]

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Critical Mass: Johnson & Johnson Held In Contempt After Witness Fails To Appear At Trial. A $26B Opioid Settlement Will Rely Heavily On Participation.

A judge on Monday ordered Johnson & Johnson in contempt of court after its witness failed to appear during a talcum powder trial. A revised $26 billion global settlement to resolve the opioid crisis is dependent on who participates and who doesn’t. Who did Philips North America retain to represent it in lawsuits over its […]

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